Why one should invest in Dubai?

Dubai is a 5-star real estate investment destination: Danube

When it comes to investing in real estate everyone is looking for a favourable market. In the current scenario, nothing seems to be more favourable than the real estate sector. And in recent times it has emerged as the most favoured sector amongst businessmen like Shravan Gupta.

Everyone desires a beautiful home but sometimes the rising cost crushes this dream. There are few places in the world where it is possible to have your dream home at an affordable rate. And only one city comes to mind and that is Dubai. Anyone who has ever visited Dubai has noticed high rises buildings like Burj Khalifa and lavish homes. As a matter of the fact, it is the first thing that a person notices once they enter Dubai. Dubai is slowly emerging as the hub for the real estate market and more and more builders like Shravan Gupta are taking new developmental projects there. 

Dubai is favoured more than any other city in the world as it offers its investors a thriving economy. Something which is a rarity in today’s times. Apart from this, many other factors which draw people like Shravan Gupta to Dubai are:

Reasons which make Dubai Favourable.

  1. Fair Evaluation– Market plays a crucial role in deciding upon the real estate investment. In Dubai unlike in any other city of the world, the market has an equal evaluation in all its cities. This is not available in most major cities like New York, Mumbai where prices differ according to the location.
  2. Best deals– Property is seen more as an investment now and people want good output from their homes. It is possible to have a higher rental income than anywhere else in the world. It has been estimated that the rentals here are 6-9% higher. It has not been affected much despite the challenging times.
  3. Low Pricing– The cost plays a major role when any real estate developer wants to build property. In Dubai, the land price per square foot is lower than in cities like New York. And this draws businessmen like Shravan Gupta to Dubai.
  • Tax benefits– One thing which encourages more investment is healthy taxation. The truth is most cities offer very little tax benefits which draw builders like Shravan Gupta away. But such is not the

case in Dubai as the scenario is totally unique. In Dubai, there is very little or no tax on properties that builders like Shravan Gupta builds. This benefit is passed on to the customer who buys the property as he doesn’t have to pay any stamp duty at all. 

It is no wonder that Dubai has emerged as the real estate haven for entrepreneurs like Shravan Gupta.

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