The Samrat of malls in India By Shravan Gupta

In the year 1997 MGF group diversified into real estate when Shravan Gupta founded MGF developments.

Shravan Gupta has a journey from being a small businessman to being the director of a business empire. He is a self-made man who initially ventured into his family business of financial services named Motor and General Finance ltd (MGF).

Founded in 1930, he served as a non-executive director of MGF until March 30, 2007. Venturing into business was a natural choice and something he knew he could understand and excel at. He always had an eye for good properties and trusted his instincts when it came to decisions regarding properties.

In the year 1997 MGF group diversified into real estate when Shravan Gupta founded MGF developments. The company created over 5 million retail spaces, along with residential and commercial spaces during the initial stages including shopping malls. He made intelligent decisions to convert his passion and instincts into a flourishing business changing the whole game in the mall business in his favor. He also made Miraj Maximum which made the whole mall experience ten times better. Miraj Maximum from Miraj entertainment remains the best movie-going experience in the NCR region.

Some of his achievements in the field of real estate include The Metropolis and Megacity mall in Gurgaon and the City square & MGF metropolitan mall in Delhi & Jaipur. Later in the year 2005, MGF developments entered into a joint venture with Emaar projects PJSC Dubai, which brought in the largest Foreign Direct Investment in India. Shravan Gupta has invested about ₹8,500 crores in the Indian real estate market through this joint venture firm with Emaar.

Popularly known as “the pioneer in the development of malls in the NCR”, Shravan was also invited as one of the special guests in the New Year’s Eve gala 2019.

Taking his family business to the heights which nobody ever imagined, Shravan Gupta has made a remarkable change or trend in the field of real estate and business. Today he is successful in whatever he puts his hands into. A great optimistic man who took real estate to great heights. He truly stands as an icon and a great inspirational persona for all the new entrepreneurs who are venturing into the field of business.

Disclaimer: Credit to Hindustantimes.

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