Price Rise in Real Estate by Shravan Gupta.

Mumbai: Everyone dreams of having their own home and it is the biggest growth factor in real estate. It is the need of the hour to have your own house and it becomes even more critical when we live in uncertain times like now. Being a part of this booming sector is right for this hour. And Shravan Gupta believes that Real Estate has undergone tremendous changes and will change much more – in the coming months.

The year 2021 witnessed some slowdowns and this impacted every sector. But one of the quickest to bounce back is the Real estate sector. We are seeing a turnaround in the property prices. And this will be the ultimate game-changer.

Some reasons which can be attributed to these changes are:

Reason 1- Need for space.

People know the value of owning their own homes and are looking to buy new properties. It is much more feasible to invest in property and is beneficial in the long run.  Property prices are at an all-time low hence it is a good time to invest in real estate. Shravan Gupta has emerged as the biggest benefactor of this change. He is one person who is making new properties at an affordable price.

Reason 2- Lucrative offers.

Gone are the days when banks would not offer incentives to buy homes. Such is not the case today as banks are attracting customers with lucrative offers. Most public sector banks are offering home loans at affordable rates. Industry experts like Shravan Gupta believe that home loan is the lowest in recent years. And this has inevitably attracted more first-time buyers.

Reason 3- Work from Home factor.

It is a common trend to work from home and people are looking for large spaces. This has encouraged builders like Shravan Gupta to make large homes with working space. Builders too offer lucrative deals and cashbacks when a person buys a home for the first time. Some prominent Industry experts are seeing this change in mid-level cities as well. And this has led to the ultimate boom in the Real Estate sector.

Reason 4- Emerging economy.

India is one of the emerging economies and Shravan Gupta believes that Real Estate will lead to further growth of the economy. And this has led to appreciation in property prices by 29.2%. It won’t be wrong to assume that there is revival as one can see the results on ground.

It can now be said conclusively that despite the pandemic there has been a revival in the Real estate sector. And inside experts like Shravan Gupta believe that this trend will continue even in coming months. India will lead the race to the real estate boom.

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